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Mechanized pieces

Manufacture of high precision machined parts. More than 30 years of experience in the sector.

Tailored pieces, short series

At Indústries Metadell we make unique tailored pieces as well as short series and sets, both lathing and milling, as well as machining centers and laser engraving.

Quality. Technology.

Highest quality on the technique of industrial machining. Quality control of latest generation…

Industrial mechanizing

Indústries Metadell was founded in 1988 based on customer care philosophy and whose objective is to satisfy customer needs. For this reason, it focuses on the manufacture of tailored mechanized pieces, unique pieces, prototypes, and small series using the latest techniques of industrial mechanizing. This requires a high precision on its production.

For this precision, the company is structured around a perfect combination between the best technology in the sector, highly skilled staff, the direct and personalized service to the customer, and reliable delivery schedules.

All this encompasses a wide range of avant-garde machinery distributed on a surface of 1450m² and a highly skilled staff. The precision and quality of the finish is guaranteed by the exhaustive quality controls of latest technology.

Therefore, our mission will always be a quality product with the best service and the highest technology, achieving this through continuous innovation and keeping up in training.


To promote and help in the training of new generations of the industrial mechanized sector, with years of experience, Indústries Metadell cooperates with the school “Salesians de Terrassa”. This cooperation involves the commitment to train students every year with more flexible schedules to combine the studies at school with the practice in the company.

In 2015 starts the cooperation with “Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)” of Terrassa for an innovative and sustainable project in the automotive field.